Saturday, October 31, 2009


This is my bicycle :

[finally painted it white]

This is my boyfriend and my bicycle :

[i have so much fun riding with bradley]

short notes:

a) we went to the IMA and YATs with whit, justin, britt and ryan
-seeing the new European Design Exhibit was awesome.
-DQ after yesss

b) we went out to MacNivens with whit justin austin dano and bryan
-after we went to justins to jam in his recording studio thing
-bradley and him sounded better than they thought. :)

c)i love thinking of my future with bradley
-even if it's just trips this summer
-to moving to a new city
-it all makes me happy and know i'm the luckiest girl

[ps. I LOVE YOU MAN is such a funny movie!]

[mar.29th 2009/9:33am]

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