Thursday, January 28, 2010

hurr update

oh hia

my hair
is getting long

i love it...


Black cup

a_typical day to scamper off into a daily routine.
as the rest of the world passes by worried about their own lives and interacting with very few acquaintances/ friends at work what ever their job might be.

If a person is nice or out of the ordinary and kind in any sort of way the majority of people think " how strange he/she was" we have been taught to snub out strangers but at the same time taught to be kind to others. Treat others how we would like to be treated... so why when some one treats us the way we treat others we are quick to judge and not accept. The world just needs to love and be loved.
If there is a friendly smile as you walk down the side walk from a young man or women don't assume he/she wants to get with you. Just assume their having a good day and you can read that positive attitude on their face.
How do others in your community perceive you?

[all of this aside i know there are creepers out there and
i know people can be mean to others but that doesn't mean
every single person has to carry the same negative attitude about the world]

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hot air

i love hot air balloons.
i wish i could ride in one..
& this shirt is neat...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

regular tuesday.

" Even after all this time
the sun never says to the
earth 'You Owe Me.'
Look what happens with
a love like that, It lights
the whole sky."-Hafiz

Monday, January 25, 2010


tmas 20
picture is a
little late in posting]

love is
difficult but it's real & it's ours.
living together hanging out together
having the same friends. when everyone leaves
& it's just us... i love it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I am going to make some monkey bread and
hot & sweet drumsticks, sometime this week.

Friday, January 22, 2010

good day

"Lightbulb hanging over my head
I hope you're never gunna go out
Never go out

Blue skies hanging over my head
I hope you're never gunna go down
Never go down "

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Good Morning World.

Monday, January 18, 2010


i like this.
the fabric is chiffon
i think i would like to own more chiffon tops&perhaps dresses....

too bad it's $107.99
so not worth it.

[but i do think this would look nice on me]

a beautiful mess

"all that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost" jrr tolkien

there are so many things in this world i wish to do.
there is one thing holding me back from focusing on me&my list...
that's one thing is school.i know everyone says that but it's really true.

1. I would love to own a kitchen-aid mixer and take an entire year to make the most wonderful things. to go along with this i think i need a bigger kitchen with proper storage, our kitchen now is set up weird.

2. I am really excited to graduate college because the next day i am going to go buy this to learn French. it's a beautiful language& i have wanted to learn for years but don't want to burn out on learning french on top of classes.

3. This is a long term future want. when bradley and i live somewhere warmer year round and have a place to keep it. i am so excited about this one.

4. Learning to sew and hem and make beautiful things.
for when i have time someday.

5. way future... an english bull dog. a fat lazy dog will counter act bora's energy.

6. I want to travel to exotic places with bradley. some where warm.
maybe a cruise. a new city to explore.

there are more but i'll end with this for now.
these things aren't in any order except for the way they came to mind.

Friday, January 15, 2010

hidden treasures

If i were a SECRET AGENT i would own this book.
and keep secret things in it and keep it with me at all times
no one would find out what it is.
everyone would assume i love to read big novels.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

sidewalk chalk.

I came across this picture
I think it's awesome

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

anonymous existence

The thought of nothingness is a weird one.
Put's a pit in my stomach. It's hard to understand why my brain is allowed to wrap it's self around the thought of non-existence.

I would rather think of the world and the people in it anonymously going about their lives living in a world they can make theirs. Having the opportunity to achieve what they dream and live in a wonderland.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

perfect imperfection

a hard thing to do is take a semester off of school.
i can't take any but one class. it wouldn't be worth the money
to pick up electives when i already have enough.
fall seems far away.

having a few semesters left wrenches my heart.
i just want to be done and have my BSW and get my LSW.
i want to move away and not hold us back and keep us in indy.

this break could be good for myself,
i need to break away from stressing myself out to be the best
student i can be. i deserve to relax. so many people take
semesters off school and this isn't even going to hurt me or
hold me back any so i don't know why i am so uneasy about it.

i'm thinking about traveling. thinking about seeing some friends.
Tempe, AZ is on the top of my list.
then to Waverly, WV maybe a weekend road trip.
maybe a weekend getaway with bradley to chicago.

i'll pick up some hobbies,
- finishing my blanket
-riding my bike (figuring out the rollers better)
- reading books
- maybe i'll do a puzzle
-figure out new things to cook for bradley& i

i'll be working a lot and at my internship.
getting lunch with my boyfriend
maybe even babysitting my niece.

this is a rambling entry but its nice to get my thoughts out.
this is new but it isn't the end of the world or bad at all
it just happened. sure in an ideal world i would
be taking 18 hrs and almost done. but i'm on the right track.

this isn't perfect ... school is my imperfection
[it seems to be the only thing that is taking me a while to figure out in life.]

Thursday, January 7, 2010


our life is like a story
[a fascinating one]

chapter one started years ago
chapter two is one to skip over
[but made us strong]
chapter three is my favorite yet

what if everyone could feel the love that we have & could understand what true happiness is.

i care for you as i know you care
for me. we have fun times with only more to come.
[you make me smile endlessly]

school annoyance

whats worse than waking up in the middle of the night?
waking up at 4am when I wake up at 7:30am
awesome really.

i can't stop thinking about school.
the semester starts next week. i don't have ANY clue
as to what i am going to do for classes. waiting to
hear if i got in the social work program sucks.

what will happen if i don't get in this semester... ??
i hope a miracle happens. i wish it was at least 9am
so i could call someone at iupui and not sit up awake worrying.

here's my favorite picture from
the halloween party 2009 at the Murphy Building in fountain square:

[before i post any more pictures i need the boyfriend to teach me how to resize them]

Sunday, January 3, 2010

hello Twenty-Ten!

This is my new place to write my thoughts.

[my archived blogs are from the last year
actual dates they were written are at the bottom
most of them are memories with bradley]


the last few months have been amazing
i'll post updated pictures later



So I got my new recipe book from Etsy, and i have started writing recipes in it.
I'm so excited. 

Now i need to collect more yummy recipes from family and friends. 
If you have anything let me know :) 

[October 20th 2009/2:47pm]

in the sunshine & in the shade

We have been together in the sunshine and in the shade...
there is so much we have done and 
there is so much left to do...

all i want to do is grow old with you... 
i love waking up every morning to the familiar smell of your warm body
molded to mine like we are two puzzle pieces.
and digging through the pillows to find your face
to kiss your forehead  and wake you up. 

good morning baybear. 
we have our lives to live. 
i'll go with you anywhere.

"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will. "
                                                                                                         -chuck palahniuk

[October 19th 2009/9:19am]

Art of Friendship


Last night was my first bigger event to put on.
during the day we set up all the art work at The Mavris downtown

It's an awesome event that pairs up a local artist and mentally handicapped students 
to make a piece of artwork. 

then we got all dressed up and hundreds of people came
then we auctioned off all the artwork in a live auction. 

business around Indiana donated items that went into the silent auction. 
it was fun meeting everyone and seeing the artwork and raising lots of money.

[October 2nd 2009/9:00am]

Curse Your Branches

I usually just enjoy listening to good music.
and on occasion i like to share stuff with my friends etc..
but this New David Bazan cd, Curse Your Branches, is amazing.
It's hands down one of the best cd's I have heard in quite a long time

This cd is so honest, raw, and passionate. 
It truly tells his story and his thoughts about God and religion
Take the first song, "Hard to Be", for example...

"You’ve heard the story you know how it goes
Once upon a garden we were lovers with no clothes
Fresh from the soil we were beautiful and true
In control of our emotions to till we ate the poison fruit

And now its...

Hard to be
Hard to be
Hard to be
A decent human being

Wait just a minute
You expect me to believe
that all this misbehaving grew from one enchanted tree
And helpless to fight it we should all be satisfied
WIth the magical explanation for why the living die

And why it’s...


Childbirth is painful toil to grow our food
Ignorance made us hungry
Information made us no goo
Every burden misunderstood

I swung my tassel to the left side of my cap
Knowing after graduation there would be no going back
and no congratulations from my faithful family
some of whom are already fasting to intercede for me

Because it’s...
hard to be a decent human being."

Before this cd came out Bradley sent me this article:

"The Passion of David Bazan 

At the Cornerstone Christian rock festival,
a fallen evangelical returns to sing about why he broke up with God."

-The Chicago Reader, summed him up into these words.

If you haven't listened to the cd  read the article,
have you been to cornerstone? read the article
and listen to the cd and think of what you
would have done... think of the type of people 
that go to cornerstone and what they try to convey to others.

the point of this entry is:
I love this cd. it's powerful.
I feel some of David Bazan's lyrics can sum up
some of the feelings/questions we all have about God,religion,
the Bible and how we are brought up to fear...
check it out if you haven't yet.

[September 29th 2009/4:07pm]

officially fall


Had a weekend away with bradley. to winona lake. it was super relaxing. 

Darkroom show, Bonfire, Hot cider, Friends &  Porch Stories late night. 

back to studying. goodnight

[September 23rd 2009/11:24pm]

little blurb


Sometimes it would be a little comforting knowing everything will be ok.

[September 9th 2009/10:47am]

mind racing

 I can't wait to move. 
I want to move now. 
I am happy here but I am ready for the next step. 

My mind is going to explode. 
Classes are overwhelming my time management. 
This weekend proved me wrong in my skills to get my work done last minute. 

Lets take a minute to sum up this weekend: 
-trampoline parties at bryan's house.
-good friends and bikes.

-45 mile ride with the boyfriend for brunch and back.
-spent 20 minutes in the massage chairs in brookstone
-alex & luke came in town
-cook out at bryans
-Sean/Bryan/Chris's Show at Local's only.
-dylan's 22nd birthday party
-good conversations with good friends.
-riding bikes at 3 am went the wrong way to pita pit which was closed.
-then to steak and shake to eat food and play spot a sober person[we couldn't]
-rode home to finally crash at 5:30am 

-brunch at sunrise cafe with bradley,bryan,luke,chris, and alex.
-came home from work to a 'family dinner'  european style cause it was at 8:30pm
-bradley,evan,alexis,alex,bryan,chris, dano, and i all had a pitch it.
- wii tennis tournament bryan won all four rounds :(
-more drinking 3 bottles of wine gone between 3 girls in a few hours haha.
-hanging out talking pictures. what a night. Bed at 3am.

I don't stay up late because of all my school work i have to concentrate on but this 
weekend was one of the most fun weekends i have had in a long time.

I have amazing friends & more pictures to come. [these were just from my iphone]

now i need to be more organized and more driven to get done with my school work 
so i can have more fun on weekends with out stressing. eeeek. 
third week into school and blahhh is my feeling. this needs to improve.

[September 8th 2009/4:38pm]


First day of class
i haven't taken a class like this for 5 years pshh...
but my professor got me thinking.

he said, "there are very few people that
would be happy
if you took all their money away,
money makes people happy"

if I could live with just what I have and who I have in my life
I would be able to have no money.
If for some reason I lost all my money I would be fortunate for what i still have.
Money can be replaced. Hard work and determination.

It would be hard to live with out money all together
A girl's gotta eat.
But he was talking about how people would always be mad and
never be alright with it.

Maybe I am just too positive to think like that.
But somethings you just can't help and have to look at
what you have and not what you lost.

hopefully i do well in microeconomics!

[August 25th 2009/11:21am]

Indiana State Fair

We rode our bikes to the state fair
to ride the ferris wheel...

I wonder what state has the best state fair...
Once I find this out I want to know how & why...

I won't talk about how scared some people were
to be up that high...
but it was my first time riding a ferris wheel
and i loved it.

I want to find one near the ocean
that would be neat.

ps. iphone photos aren't the greatest

[August 20th 2009/12:01pm]


Ever get the same fortune as
Your significant other?

We did ... Seems like a pretty good one to get huh?

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[August 19th 2009/10:55pm]


i love the adventures we go on and can't wait for more

[August 5th 2009/10:24am]


New Glasses


[July 28th 2009/8:40pm]


This weekend I didn't have to work.
It was awesome hanging with Bradley.
Yeah we may live together but there are still butterflies.

-House Warming Party
-Baseball Game
-Miles of Bike Rides
-Lunch at Cafe Patachou
-Flying Kites
-Movies: The Brothers Bloom
-Monday Went the the Cursive Show
with great friends.

i'm in love... so in love.

[July 28th 2009/9:02am]

almost moved out

3 years :
It was fun
It was mine
Moved on to bigger and better things

...our house warming party was last night
Good friends and good times :)

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[July 25th 2009/10:35am]


Sometimes on my drive home I like to
Pretend that I live some place else
Some place new
Some place no one knows but Bradley and I

[July 16th 2009/6:10pm]


i live with my boyfriend
and i love it.

we're so happy
and everything is wonderful.

and wild pacific is the coolest show
i have watched in a while.

[July 13th 2009/8:49am]


I moved into our new place last night...
It's so cute and awesome I love it
I guess I forgot what it was like to move
to sleep in a new home for a night
there is something sweet about it
all being new and clean for you to
use your imagination

Truth be told I will miss where I called home
for the last year.... But what I am gaining is
way more than just a place to call home.

It's a big place i'm so excited!

[June 30th 2009/8:09am]

i'm happy

[June 12th 2009/11:58am]


i am 22yrs old.
i am becoming an adult.

slowly but surely i am taking over responsibility
for my life... what if i fail?
what if i can't make it?
what if i can't live how i have
for 3 years...

erase those thoughts
throw them away.
change them to i'm READY.

in other news.
i'm leaving for a trip in 8 days.
i'm looking forward to it.

i hope i get my new iphone 3GS
before i go so i can keep in
touch with bradley in every way possible.

i'm going to miss him for a week.

what's happening we are growing together
growing closer
spending some more time apart...
i think it's a good thing
not that i want to be away from him
but we just love being with each other
at the end of the night

everything is PERFECT.
he makes me be an adult
now that's LOVE

looking forward to july.

[June 11th 2009/8:49am]

Road Trip [05/26/09-06/02/09]

Bradley and I drove the Prius to... Parkersburg West Virginia,Groton Connecticut,
Boston Massachusetts, New Port Rhode Island, and Back to Connecticut! 

West Virginia: 

Traffic Jam on the way to West Virginia

Willie and Bora meet

Bradley's Nanny's Garden...bora got shocked by the fence

Nanny and her homecooking..sent us off with Applebutter!!
Leaving West Virginia...into hours and hours of dense fog
Pit Stop in the 10hrs of driving to Connecticut.

stupid $9 toll in NY at 4am!.

after driving through the night and one scary incident 
in gross New Jersey we arrived in Groton


Bora met Louis bradley's dad's 3 yr old black lab
walking the trials behind his dad's house

His dad is the Dock Master at Noank Shipyard so we went to say hi

watching them put some boats in.

After a relaxing day in Groton, We drove about 2 hours 
to Boston to stay at Sarah's who said she had a surprise
for us for Bradley's late birthday... 
We went to Improv Asylum... it was so funny!


Sarah and Brian riding the T to Improv


after the show downtown Boston

we went out for a few more rounds of drinks

A long fun night around the city 
it took up 45 minutes to catch at cab at 2 am
the next day Sarah Bradley and I went to 
Jim's for breakfast then Bradley and I went 
off on our own adventures.


Bikes on a sunny day outside of Sarah's

Sister and Brother

We rode along the Charles River

ran into earth fest on the Charles River... here are some hippies dancing

stopped in Cambridge for some homemade Icecream

in some neat furniture store

i caught a fish and rode it.

after a day of riding many miles we stopped
and ate at B.Good... a really good Burger place.

drove back that night to Connecticut

got back just in time to sit around a bon-fire in his dad's backyard..

Next day we packed up two cars with four bikes.
Diane, Bradley's Dad, Bradley and I drove to Newport Rhode Island


looking over the edge of Newport coast

Diane and Bradley's Dad

found a neat looking tree...i was told to be part of the tree..ha

Bradley tricking around

I pet little Sharks... no big deal!

father and son making a pact to sail from Groton to Newport

walked around the cute little shops

Got back to CT went to Noank Bora was scared on the docks..

A full day in Newport was fun next day we 
went bike riding and the sailing.

Groton Long Point & Long Island Sound:

walking along the beautiful waters on Groton Long point

climbing on rocks

here's our bikes on the beach




my first time sailing

the wind picked up and we started going faster

they let me direct the sailboat for quite some time !

being on the water was a nice ending to our trip.


15 hrs later and no sleep we were back in Indy... 
didn't want our trip to end at all. 

Love you Bradley! 

hiding all these pictures took for freaking ever!!

[June 4th 2009/9:54am]