Sunday, January 10, 2010

perfect imperfection

a hard thing to do is take a semester off of school.
i can't take any but one class. it wouldn't be worth the money
to pick up electives when i already have enough.
fall seems far away.

having a few semesters left wrenches my heart.
i just want to be done and have my BSW and get my LSW.
i want to move away and not hold us back and keep us in indy.

this break could be good for myself,
i need to break away from stressing myself out to be the best
student i can be. i deserve to relax. so many people take
semesters off school and this isn't even going to hurt me or
hold me back any so i don't know why i am so uneasy about it.

i'm thinking about traveling. thinking about seeing some friends.
Tempe, AZ is on the top of my list.
then to Waverly, WV maybe a weekend road trip.
maybe a weekend getaway with bradley to chicago.

i'll pick up some hobbies,
- finishing my blanket
-riding my bike (figuring out the rollers better)
- reading books
- maybe i'll do a puzzle
-figure out new things to cook for bradley& i

i'll be working a lot and at my internship.
getting lunch with my boyfriend
maybe even babysitting my niece.

this is a rambling entry but its nice to get my thoughts out.
this is new but it isn't the end of the world or bad at all
it just happened. sure in an ideal world i would
be taking 18 hrs and almost done. but i'm on the right track.

this isn't perfect ... school is my imperfection
[it seems to be the only thing that is taking me a while to figure out in life.]

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