Wednesday, April 21, 2010

riding riding riding

getting back on my bicycle feels good.

(it's almost bradley's birthday! & only a few more days until i leave for Tempe, AZ)

dreaming and dreams

I've been having crazy dreams about real life things.

I wake up and feel weird like something just happened that shouldn't have.

in other news... I love our new coffee maker. & we are looking for a new house. maybe in broadripple maybe in woodruff place. hopefully something with a yard , garage, and washer and dryer. 1 or 2 bedrooms either will work.
i'm pretty excited about this.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pop Vs. Soda Map

  • coke: this generic term for soft drinks predominates throughout the South, New Mexico, central Indiana and in a few other single counties in Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. ‘Coke’ obviously derives from Coca-Cola, the brand-name of the soft drink originally manufactured in Atlanta (which explains its use as a generic term for all soft drinks in the South).
  • pop: dominates the Northwest, Great Plains and Midwest. The world ‘pop’ was introduced by Robert Southey, the British Poet Laureate (1774-1843), to whom we also owe the word ‘autobiography’, among others. In 1812, he wrote: A new manufactory of a nectar, between soda-water and ginger-beer, and called pop, because ‘pop goes the cork’ when it is drawn. Even though it was introduced by a Poet Laureate, the term ‘pop’ is considered unsophisticated by some, because it is onomatopaeic.
  • soda: prevalent in the Northeast, greater Miami, the area in Missouri and Illinois surrounding St Louis and parts of northern California. ‘Soda’ derives from ‘soda-water’ (also called club soda, carbonated or sparkling water or seltzer). It’s produced by dissolving carbon dioxide gas in plain water, a procedure developed by Joseph Priestly in the latter half of the 18th century. The fizziness of soda-water caused the term ‘soda’ to be associated with later, similarly carbonated soft drinks.
  • Other, lesser-used terms include ‘dope’ in the Carolinas and ‘tonic’ in and around Boston, both fading in popularity. Other generic terms for soft drinks outside the US include ‘pop’ (Canada), ‘mineral’ (Ireland), ‘soft drink’ (New Zealand and Australia). The term ‘soft drink’, finally, arose to contrast said beverages with hard (i.e. alcoholic) drinks.
[I say Soda... just thought this map was interesting]

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update (04-17-2010)

I've been enjoying my time with Bradley lately. Can't believe he's almost 26! I've known him for such a long time. I'm excited for his birthday because he has no idea what I am getting him.

In 8 days days I'll be up in the air on my way to Tempe! If you haven't been there before go!.
It's so beautiful and the people are wonderful. Dry heat is the kind of weather I want to live in. I'll bring bradley with me next time he'll love it too ;)

I'm doing more and more at my internship. More tasks, more projects, more interactions with students, more responsibility, they really like me, respect me, and trust me. I feel like I am not just a silly intern but that I actually have some input about things. Our new PM got married today! Congratulations Emily (Connors) Scharbrough! April 25th is our Friendship Walk on the canal. Come help support best buddies!

So, everything is going well and I'm enjoying the 70's and 80 degree weather Indiana spring has brought :) Oh and Bradley and I are looking for a new place. It's going to be awesome! Then Ikea here we come, yesss <3

Monday, April 12, 2010

happy monday.

i've been enjoying life lately..
had the best sunday yesterday.
even a wonderful weekend
with bradley and friends.

went to lenny and josh's wedding
so beautiful & glad
we got to be there for their big day.

got to love spring time.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


thanks everyone
i got a cute purse too

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Globe -Live bike

---in-my future when i live close to a grocery store
and live some place warm year round i want a
Globe- Live bike. it suits me :)

Friday, April 2, 2010


why is it so hard to keep the place clean during our every day living.
seriously it's amazing it doesn't get crazy dirty but it does take a while to clean
all the rooms on both floors.

-count this one for the spring cleaning..

lots of Bradley's family this weekend visiting us.
Quick Roll Call:
his lady friend
his girlfriend
Bradley's Dad
and his Step Mom
(missing only Sarah and Bryan)

this should be fun!