Saturday, October 31, 2009


This is my bicycle :

[finally painted it white]

This is my boyfriend and my bicycle :

[i have so much fun riding with bradley]

short notes:

a) we went to the IMA and YATs with whit, justin, britt and ryan
-seeing the new European Design Exhibit was awesome.
-DQ after yesss

b) we went out to MacNivens with whit justin austin dano and bryan
-after we went to justins to jam in his recording studio thing
-bradley and him sounded better than they thought. :)

c)i love thinking of my future with bradley
-even if it's just trips this summer
-to moving to a new city
-it all makes me happy and know i'm the luckiest girl

[ps. I LOVE YOU MAN is such a funny movie!]

[mar.29th 2009/9:33am]

40 things...

40 things to do in Austin Texas

1. Go see a movie at an Alamo Drafthouse.
[kind of like a cinema grill]

2. Go to Hamilton's Pool and experience the miracle of Nature.

3. Take a moonlight tour of the Wide Basion Preserve.

4. Go for a ride on the long star riverboat or Capitol Cruise. (seasonal)

5. Walk, jog or bike the Hike and Bike Trail along Town Lake.

6. Stroll throug Ziker Rose Gardens and Taniguchi Oriental Garden.

7. View the uniq, late 19th-century MoonlightTower.

8. Go to an outdoor concert at Symphony Square.

9. Watch the UT Longhorns play at Memorial Stadium.

10. Swim in the constant 68 degrees, spring-fed Barton Springs

11. Play a round of golf on one of the many Austin golf courses.

12. July 4th- listen to the Austin Symphony, watch the fireworks on Auditorium Shores.

13. Go to Laguna Gloria Art Meseum

14. Explore rural central Texas as it was in the 1880's at the Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farm.
[i'm sure it's like conner prairie]

15. Picnic at Rosewood Park during the Juneteenth Celebration (June).

16. Go sculling, paddle boating or canoeing on Town Lake.

17. Campp and swim at Sandy Creek.

18. "Take a hike" on Barton Creek Nature Preserve.

19. Go to a play at Mary Mood Northen Theatre.

20. Shop at the downtown Bluebbonnet Market Place.

21. Go to Travis County Farmers' Market.

22. Tour Austin's local wineries and sample award-winning wines.

23. Experience unique shopping at Sixth Street's "West End".

24. Watch Horse racing at Manor Downs.

25. Ride the train or fly a kite in Zilker Park.

26. Go to the Old Pecan St. Spring/Fall Arts Festivals.(May & September)

27. Go boating on Lake Austin

28. Ice skate at Northcross Mall.

29. Go to the Austin Children's Museum.

30. Sail, jet ski or scuba dive at Lake Travis.

31. Buy something unique at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. (Dec.)

32. Attend the Texas Hill Country Wine & Food Festival. (Apr.)

33. Get the best food and drinks from some of Austin's top chefs at the annual "Taste of the Town".

34. Expand your art collection at the Austin Artists Harvest.

35. Windsurf at Windy Point.

36. Enjoy a performance by Ballet Austin.

37. Go out to 6th street at night.

38. Go to Peter Pan miniature golf course

39. Watch Bats under congress bridge
[wtf? i read this is fun on many sites haha]

40. Of course go to Austin Zoo ...

there are many more things to do these are just a few...

picture of Ziker Botanical Gardens

[mar.27th 2009/9:55pm]

the greenest city in America...

Why Austin Texas is the Greenest City
  • leads the country in wind power
  • leads the country in biodiesel production
  • has built advanced plug-in hybrid vehicles into its energy strategy.
  • 100% of city facilities will be powered by renewable energy by 2012
  • CO2 caps and reduction plans for all utility emissions
    [something the federal government hasn't dared do.]
  • starting by making all new single-family homes "zero net-energy capable"
    [meaning they could produce as much energy as they use]
  • green city solar power partner
  • headquarters of the Whole Foods organic grocery-store
  • new city hall built mostly with recycled materials and a municipal electric
    utility that features solar cells on the roof of its parking lot.
  • pays residents rebates if they install extra attic insulation or high-efficiency clothes washers
    etc etc....

    Austin's role as the greenest city in America will help guide other
    cities towards a healthier and more sustainable future

    [Mar.26 2009/1:14pm]
  • event in Austin

    Events in Austin Texas
  • Gourmet Chili Pepper and Salsa Festival - July 25-27
  • Zilker Summer Musical - thursday-sunday evenings through Aug. 9.
  • Blanco County Fair and Rodeo - Aug. 14-16.
  • Hot Sauce Festival -Aug. 24
  • Austin City Limits Music Festival — Sept. 26-28.
  • Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival — Sept. 3-7.
  • Old Pecan Street Fall Arts Festival — Sept. 20 and 21.
  • Oktoberfest — Oct. 3-5.
  • Texas Parks & Wildlife Expo — Oct. 4 and 5. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.
  • Austin Film Festival — Festival: Oct. 16-23.
  • Texas Mesquite Art Festival — Oct. 10-12.
  • Food & Wine Fest — Oct. 25 and 26.
  • Dia de los Muertos — Oct. 25.
  • Texas Book Festival — Nov. 1 and 2.
  • Austin Powwow and American Indian Heritage Festival — Nov. 1. 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Austin Celtic Festival — Nov. 1 and 2. 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • A Christmas Affair — Nov. 20-23.
  • Chuy's Children Giving to Children Christmas Parade — Nov. 29.
  • Fun Fun Fun Fest — Nov. 8 and 9.
  • Budafest — Dec. 6 and 7, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Sights and Sounds of Christmas — Dec. 4-6.
  • Armadillo Christmas Bazaar — Dec. 12-24. 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.
  • Annual Christmas Celebration and Lighted Christmas Parade — Dec. 13.
  • Holidays at Heritage Park — Dec. 13.
  • Trail of Lights and Zilker Christmas Tree — Dec.
  • Zilker Kite Festival — March 1.
  • Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo — March 13-28.
  • South by Southwest — March 13-22.
  • Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival — April 16-19.
  • Art City Austin — April 25 and 26.
  • Yesterfest — April 25.
  • Eeyore's Birthday Party — April 25.
  • Old Settler's Music Festival — April
  • Viva Cinco de Mayo — May 5
  • Deutschen Pfest — May 15-17.
  • Kerrville Folk Festival— May 21-June 7.
  • Texas Greek Festival — May 29 and 30.
  • Crawfish Festival — end of May
  • Elgin Western Days — June 23-27.
  • Luling Watermelon Thump — June 25-28.
  • Juneteenth — end of June
  • Republic of Texas Biker Rally — end of June

    many many more... like SXSW... etc...

    [mar.24th 2009/6:06pm]
  • just live

    Do what you want
    Be free

    Feel what you want
    For who you want
    And love it.

    You're a wonderful person
    Don't be told otherwise.

    Love don't give up
    Love is out there.

    Don't forget love is good
    Don't be hurt for too long
    Things will turn around.

    Live carefree
    If you live for yourself
    Happiness will come

    When things are bad make them better
    Be inspired to change your life
    To make a better world.

    Better yourself

    just try not to think too much
    just give yourself a few days to feel better.

    scream for the sunlight to take you any where
    keep your mind off it don't dwell

    sometimes it's good to hear things from others.
    i'm here for you i love you chin up :)

    [Mar.23rd 2009/2:59pm]


    mom, sister, and me

    @ anna's babby shower

    she is due april 26th
    so one month and six day!!!
    eeee! i'm gonna be an aunt!

    [mar.20th 2009/6:01pm]

    mind racing

    i have been learning a lot lately.
    bradley has been teaching me...

    especially with bikes...
    teaching me to skid and track stand..
    i'm catching on slowly :)

    we have been talking about the future
    thinking about what we want in years to come

    in my free time i have been looking at lookbook
    and today looking at PSFK ....

    they provoke my thoughts
    and innovate ideas

    i wish i had a way of writing them down
    or drawing them out explaining them to make sense to others.

    i just have ideas even about things that already
    exist and could be improved ...

    the united states is a scary place right now.
    i need to finish school soon!!

    indianapolis is going to get 200 miles of bike lanes...
    that's sweet!

    that is all for now

    late night blurry fun

    [mar. 20th 2009/9:54am]

    Weather in Austin, TX

    facts about Austin's weather year round
  • 300 days of sunshine a year
  • spring-51 F low to average 72 F high
  • summer-in a word, HOT,average low of 73 F and an average high of 93 F.
  • In July and August, there can be stretches of 100 degree plus days!!
    [thankfully usually "dry heat"]
  • fall-is wonderful.average low of 60 F and an average high of 81 F.
  • an average of 32 inches of rain per year.
  • there are tornadoes but it's rare they will hit Austin directly.
  • Austin's a ' Flash Flood Alley, one of the most flood-prone areas nationwide.
  • basically don't live on lakes or rivers. ha
  • They have a flood control program,many homes and businesses are no longer in danger.
  • A little tremble might be felt in Austin's taller buildings from time to time
  • but Austin itself hasn't been the site of any earthquake activity in many, many decades
  • snow is Austin is a unique event [what a refreshing thing to hear!]
  • when and if there is ever snow it's very minimal and doesn't stay
  • over all it seems like it's pretty nice there year round [i could live with that!]

    how's this sound bradley?

    i enjoy this song a lot... but i have never seen this video.. interesting.....

    [Mar.19th 2009/1:15pm]
  • Sacramento California

    Reasons to live in Sacramento, CA
  • one of the five most livable regions in America
  • humidity in winter, very low humidity in summer
  • winters avg temp 55, summers avg temp 93, spring/fall avg temp 75
  • rivers throughout the city [i would love to live near any water]
  • ranks #8 in best cities in America
  • many major venues which bring through big things year round
  • several museums
  • has Second Saturday Art Walk... local art galleries that stay open into the late evenings
    [like our first fridays in Indy but bigger]
  • lots of sports [if you're into that]
  • Amtrack-passanger rail service
  • busses and light rail systems
  • many people who live in the city commute on bicycle [ i like commuting :) ]
  • great outdoor recreation, a lively arts scene, fine dining
  • has an expanding downtown area [ yes more jobs! ]
  • one of ten sunniest cities in the country
  • job gains in government, education and health, and professional and business services.
  • the median price of an existing single-family home was about $235,000
    [down from a few years ago $400,000 good news for first time home buyers!!]
  • in the top 100 places to live in America
  • has a decent bike culture
  • located central cali.

    there is way more i haven't had time to put so etc etc...

    [Mar.13th 2009/10:29 am]
  • Largest Fire in a quarter century [in indy]

    A three alarm fire is burning in Downtown Indianapolis near the intersection
    of Senate and Michigan at a condominium development.

    The fire reportedly broke out around 3am Thursday morning. [03/12/09]
    The fire has destroyed 3 buildings and has involved as many as four buildings.

    Damages are estimated around $28 million
    it took 125 firefighters to get it under control.

    this was 3 blocks from my apt. i live on meridian right past michigan
    and this was michigan and senate. eee...
    helicopters woke me up this morning at 4 am
    heard fire trucks blaring and the news going on and on...
    9:30 i left for class it's still on fire. freaking crazy.

    good thing it was not occupied

    good thing the builder has insurance.
    and plans to rebuild.

    [at my internship now. one more thing to do after this then done for the weekend!]

    [Mar.12th 2009/2:38pm]

    Charlotte North Caroline

    Reasons to live in Charlotte, NC
  • 18th largest city in the United States[yess bigger than Indy]
  • #8 of 100 best places to live and launch -by
    [picked for vibrant lifestyles & opportunities for new businesses]

  • Best place to live in American- by
    [based onemployment opportunities, crime rates,& housing affordability]

  • cool winters and warm to hot summers
  • a major U.S. finical center[home of bank of america babe haha]
  • good economy due to many fortune 500 companies headquartered there
  • eeks there is a larger crime rate than others i looked up
  • Charlotte Area Transit System [CATS] for commuting around the city
  • has light rail and commuter rail LYNX [not driving is always nice]
  • cutting edge restaurants & tasteful, contemporary shopping centers
  • many sporting events
  • swanky new bistros, cocktail bars etc that help define it as place with a young, stylish vibe
  • many parades, festivals, and concerts
  • a small growing bike scene

    [Mar.10th 2009/2:02pm]
  • smiling all evening

    ^another Sing Fang Bous video... i really enjoy this song.
    but i think i like the other video better

    last night was wonderful
    we went out and did stuff but
    it was so relaxing just being with bradley

    -bowling.. i won first game he won second [i have beginners luck]
    -drive home. chatting.
    -riding bikes to bw3's at midnight
    -riding to the canal to have a picnic
    -took a lap around the canal. it was so nice out.
    -just talking having heart to hearts and laughs.
    -then came home and cuddled on the couch.

    it's nice to go on dates with just bradley.
    just the two of us have so much fun.
    and i really enjoy his company.

    you sir give me butterflies :)

    [Mar.7th 2009/9:49am]

    Tempe Arizona

    Reasons to live in Tempe, AZ
  • carrie and lear
  • Mill Ave.
  • biking
  • lux
  • castles and coasters
  • close to Phoenix
  • lear could maybe help bradley get a design job somewhere
  • warm winters, hot summers [no humidity]
  • rivers, lakes, and beautiful mountains
  • public transportation, METRO Light rail
  • nice weather to ride a lot
  • some friends already live there
  • only downfall,they don't have cheese sauce to dip bread sticks in
  • highest crime rate is theft and auto theft
  • cactus ice cream

    [Mar. 6th 2009/2:47pm]
  • Boston Massachusetts

    Reasons to [some day]move to Boston, MA
  • bradleys sister lives there[it would be fun to see her more]
  • largest city in New England
  • surrounded by water
  • close to bradley's dad[we have fun in connecticut]
  • summers warm, winters cold[much like the midwest]
  • we could get funny Boston accents[haha]
  • there is more crime than Austin, but it's been decreasing rapidly the last few years.
  • would be called 'Bostonians'[better than Hoosiers]
  • home to many high tech companies[a boost in the economy is always good]
  • has awesome seafood!
  • always seems to have some festival of some sort going on
  • maybe sarah could help me find a social work job
  • lots of sports [yeah red sox]
  • has good public transportation 'rapid transit' a.k.a "the T"
  • nicknamed the walking city everything you need to close
  • would be a whole lot of fun to ride bikes around[we'll find out this summer]
  • bradley could bring is sailboat and we could go sailing in the summers

    [Mar. 6th 2009/11:41am]
  • Austin Texas

    Reasons to Live in Austin, TX

  • voted number 2 best place to live, in 2006,
  • 'greenest city in America'
  • ranked the 5th safest city
  • number 1 college city
  • you will be called Austinites if you live there
  • it's has it's own slogan " keep Austin weird" [haha]
  • hot summers,mild winters
  • considered a major center for high technology
  • high tech companies thrive there. [affected by the dot-com boom]
  • Whole Foods was based in Austin. [i love whole foods]
  • has a strong growing economy
  • the only city to not have an ordinance against women being topless in public
  • lots of local and independent business that do well.
  • home to many coffee shops [bradley and i love coffee]
  • many music, arts, and sporting events happen year round
  • lots of outdoor activities available
  • mass transportation and new commuter rails set for completion in a few months
  • has bike paths called the veloway [a larger monon]
  • has a critical mass
  • has a large 'bike scene' [probably due to the nice weather year round]

    -there are more so etc...etc...

    [Mar. 5th 2009/4:04pm]
  • thursday morning

    starting the day off right.
    Sin Fang Bous.. Video..
    it's an interesting concept for a video.

    just bought the new Bon Iver EP
    pretty stoked on it. but the last song isn't my favorite at all

    i crocheted a little on my blanket
    and i video chatted with the boyfriend.

    i'm so excited that its nicer out or getting nicer
    that means we can paint my bike soon!

    a month and two days until my birthday.
    but who's counting really?

    [Mar.5th 2009/8:56am]


    some days i wake up pumped about my day
    and others i just want to stay in and do nothing
    but lay around.

    last night i forgot about my midterm in my
    women's issues class that was due this morning
    but luckily i have an awesome boyfriend who
    helped me stay motivated and got it done.
    i presented in class and did really well.

    now i am at my internship and i don't want to be here
    which sucks because i really like it here i just want it to be 6
    so i can go home and sit on my couch and do nothing again.

    i am at a point in my life where i am really happy.
    i am very lucky to have the relationship with bradley
    that i have we are really close and he is my best friend.

    i am looking forward for the next stage in our life.
    it's a year away but that's ok. close enough.
    i'm waiting for it to be nice out so we can do more
    things outdoors and travel and not be inside all the time.

    but i think i am going to look back on this and realize
    that it is way more awesome that we can just be together
    and be happy even if it isn't doing more than just dinner
    and talking. he knows more about me than most anyone.
    even my family. i have known him for years and i still
    am learning new things about him. and we are learning
    new ways we interact with each other i am truly grateful.

    i don't want to rush this year even though i am looking
    forward to another year from now. i am just enjoying it!

    i google image searched "happiness"
    this is the first picture that showed up...
    haha random i know...

    back to work...

    [Mar.3rd 2009/1:21pm]

    while riding tricycles through the white house

    Maybe i like the Shining...
    Maybe i think this is a funny article...
    Maybe i like reading the onion...

    Click Here for Article

    According to White House security documents, Sasha told Secret Service agents that the ghostly twins spoke to her in unison and repeatedly beckoned her by chanting the phrases "come play with us," "come play with us, forever," and "Daddy's making fajitas."

    White House officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, also detailed a disturbing vision experienced by Sasha, who at several points during her encounter suddenly saw the twin girls lying motionless in a pool of spilled strawberry margaritas.

    "She said they kept whispering 'we want to party' over and over again," said one Secret Service agent, who comforted Sasha following the incident. "God, it's so horrifying."

    haha have a good day.

    [Mar.2nd 2009/2:18pm]


    arts and crafts... this is what bradley makes me
    while he is at work...

    i adore these little letters he leaves me.
    what the inside says is even better than the outside :)

    [Feb. 26th 2009 /7:36am]

    Monday, October 26, 2009


    I realized last night in the past I made myself happy
    Now I have someone that makes me happy
    And I truely am competely and utterly happy
    It is wonderful...

    Some people say all I want to do is be in love
    love is an amazing feeling but don't forget
    about the simple word HAPPINESS
    to have love but not complete happiness
    would be difficult but it happens
    to have love and honest happiness is unlike
    anything else.

    Thank you.Bradley.... You are wonderful

    [Feb.24th 2009/9:31am]


    decided to go back brown...
    i love it.


    [Feb.21st 2009/6:06pm]

    Sunday, October 25, 2009

    my animals

    Harley [pissed] and Bora [just wanting to play]

    my try at photography...
    i was bored for a few minutes last night...
    i think this picture is super funny.

    but hey it's not blown out
    i diffused it really well :)
    no editing needed!

    [Feb 18th 2009/7:26am]


    something that keeps me going....

    this is a note that i got along with flowers from bradley.
    i was having a rough day. dealing with things. a while ago.

    these are the small things that i love.
    (all these notes he leaves me)
    that make me smile and really
    apperciate the relationship i have.
    bradley is wonderful
    i am amazed at how great things are :)

    [Feb 16th 2009/11:59am]


    i had the best valentines date ever!!
    bradley took me to Cirque Du Soleil!!

    we had sushi before that he made
    and took a cab over to the show.

    i can not believe how awesome it was
    he is the best boyfriend in the world.

    not only is he sweet to me
    he is sweet to all my friends
    we went out for tori's birthday
    it was crazy fun too.
    friends, front page, drinks, and hip hop.

    what an evening.
    Love You Baybel

    [Feb.15th 2009/11:48am]

    interning part 2

    my macbook is being consumed by post-it notes...
    the last two days have been SUPER productive.
    that's exciting. i hope i have more updating for tuesday.

    i am thinking of dying my hair brown
    again... any thoughts?

    [Feb.12th 2009/5:14pm]


    do you ever wonder what people think of you?
    i think it's funny i am in this professional setting
    working at a mansion downtown...
    i am 21 years old. and i roll out of bed at 7 am
    tired but starting my day. skip the shower.
    put on the same pants i wore last week to my internship.
    and a different top. i wonder if all the project managers
    think i am a dirty person haha.

    they are super nice and super funny i am very lucky to
    be able to work with them and help them out.
    but maybe i should shower more. haha.

    [Feb 11th 2009/3:17pm]

    Nashville Road Trip (02-07-09)

    Our trip to Nashville TN was awesome!
    saturday starting at noon and riding until 1am.
    unlike indy nashville is hilly
    20 +miles ... HUGE hills.
    is what we were riding all day.
    it was me and a bunch of boys.
    we met so many wonderful people

    went to my first honky tonk bar.
    we were riding from bar to bar
    so got to see some interesting people.

    the art crawl was that night. which was sweet.
    it's like first friday here but better. and
    there is free wine and food and live music.

    if i could write every story that happened.
    i would be here all day.
    bradley was right... Bongo Java is so good.
    sitting on the roof is a way to wrap the night up.

    Great Weekend? or Greatest Weekend?

    most the nashville people
    are coming up here at the end of the month.
    i'm so excited!!

    [Feb 10th 2009/7:37 pm]

    50 e-mail 4 hours.

    This is me working hard at my Internship

    This is bradley working hard at CMG worldwide

    writing e-mails back and fourth.
    for four hours.
    I love this guy.
    he makes my heart beat fast.

    [Feb. 5th 2009/6:07 pm]


    lets take a second to say how awesome that picture is haha

    This weekend could not come fast enough.
    Today is going to be such a long day.
    9:30-12:20 -crisis intervention class
    1-5ish - internship
    7 -9:50- Politics class.

    ...sigh... here i go

    [Feb.5th 2009/8:23 am]

    from the islands of FIJI

    Nashville TN this weekend :)
    hanging with Jimmy Thorn!
    and seeing Michelle McEver!

    since it's warmer there...
    Bradley and I get to ride bikes.

    this is my new bike ↑
    now it has different bars and chain.
    hopefully we will get to paint it ASAP.

    [Feb 3rd 2009/2:33pm]