Saturday, October 31, 2009

just live

Do what you want
Be free

Feel what you want
For who you want
And love it.

You're a wonderful person
Don't be told otherwise.

Love don't give up
Love is out there.

Don't forget love is good
Don't be hurt for too long
Things will turn around.

Live carefree
If you live for yourself
Happiness will come

When things are bad make them better
Be inspired to change your life
To make a better world.

Better yourself

just try not to think too much
just give yourself a few days to feel better.

scream for the sunlight to take you any where
keep your mind off it don't dwell

sometimes it's good to hear things from others.
i'm here for you i love you chin up :)

[Mar.23rd 2009/2:59pm]

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