Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boston Massachusetts

Reasons to [some day]move to Boston, MA
  • bradleys sister lives there[it would be fun to see her more]
  • largest city in New England
  • surrounded by water
  • close to bradley's dad[we have fun in connecticut]
  • summers warm, winters cold[much like the midwest]
  • we could get funny Boston accents[haha]
  • there is more crime than Austin, but it's been decreasing rapidly the last few years.
  • would be called 'Bostonians'[better than Hoosiers]
  • home to many high tech companies[a boost in the economy is always good]
  • has awesome seafood!
  • always seems to have some festival of some sort going on
  • maybe sarah could help me find a social work job
  • lots of sports [yeah red sox]
  • has good public transportation 'rapid transit' a.k.a "the T"
  • nicknamed the walking city everything you need to close
  • would be a whole lot of fun to ride bikes around[we'll find out this summer]
  • bradley could bring is sailboat and we could go sailing in the summers

    [Mar. 6th 2009/11:41am]
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