Sunday, October 25, 2009


everything is falling in place.

i just got an internship right down the street.
my first meeting is on wednesday.

scheduled my classes.[finally]
after this semester...
i have two more classes until
i have my associates degree in human services.

next semester i will be at iupui finishing up
my bachelors degree in social work.

done with school after one more year or year and a half
either way 5ish years of college with 2 degrees.
after i switched my major 3 times... not bad.

i can see the end i am excited.
because after that i will be looking at
different cities to move to.

on top of it all...
i have a wonderful supportive patient boyfriend.
who is so great and keeps me sane when life gets to be too much.

this next year is going be amazing for so many reasons!
just watch and see

[Jan 12th 2009/5:12pm]

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