Thursday, October 22, 2009

a step behind..

coffee coffee coffee

i need to make more
highlander grogg is the best!

i have a research paper due at 5:30 that i haven't started.
i have a few projects due on monday that i haven't even
looked at what i have to do.
i have a paper over A Beautiful Mind due in the next few days
i am going to e-mail it because i am skipping class this morning.

after today i have two days of class left 3 finals
one class just turn in the projects.
i can't wait for next wednesday
then this semester will be done.

but for now
i need to stay focused.
focus is hard.

i am tired.
bora is snoring
her loud puggle snore
next to me
i want a nap too.

[Dec. 10th 2008/9:09am]

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