Sunday, October 25, 2009

i'm not holding my breath

week three:
i am stumbling.
i need my book to come in the mail.
i am already feeling the weight of my classes.
i need to keep up with the work.

there is so much work every day it something new
every class i feel i have forgotten something
i need to learn how to use my time wisely.

suppressing the feelings to go and hang out.
there will be a time and a place
and the week is my time and place to focus on school.

some friends are feeling the effects of me being in school.
thanks for understanding that i have to do this.

in an ideal world i will have my associates degree in may
i will have my bachelors degree in the following may
and if i get into the fast track program i could have my masters and LCSW in the following may

bfffvvvv that is a lot of work.

i love my puggle.
bora is a handful but she is so awesome.

[Jan 26th 2009/ 9:40pm]

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