Saturday, October 31, 2009

the greenest city in America...

Why Austin Texas is the Greenest City
  • leads the country in wind power
  • leads the country in biodiesel production
  • has built advanced plug-in hybrid vehicles into its energy strategy.
  • 100% of city facilities will be powered by renewable energy by 2012
  • CO2 caps and reduction plans for all utility emissions
    [something the federal government hasn't dared do.]
  • starting by making all new single-family homes "zero net-energy capable"
    [meaning they could produce as much energy as they use]
  • green city solar power partner
  • headquarters of the Whole Foods organic grocery-store
  • new city hall built mostly with recycled materials and a municipal electric
    utility that features solar cells on the roof of its parking lot.
  • pays residents rebates if they install extra attic insulation or high-efficiency clothes washers
    etc etc....

    Austin's role as the greenest city in America will help guide other
    cities towards a healthier and more sustainable future

    [Mar.26 2009/1:14pm]
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