Sunday, October 25, 2009


i am so tired of being sick.
bradley was sick so i took care of him.
only to make myself sick in return.

coughing so hard my body hurts
it feels like i have been doing crunches for days.
my abs and chest kill.

baybel and i are staying in.
and watching movies tonight
hopefully we can kick this in the butt.

as strange as it sounds i am alright with
having gone through all these illnesses
with bradley. we are sick, broken, annoyed,
impatient, and physically weak. and
still we just want to be with each other.

i'm so silly
and so crazy about this man.
i hope everyone gets a chance to feel
the way i do someday.

i can't wait until it's warm out.[so we will stop getting sick]
bradley and i are going to ride our bikes all over this city
and all over connecticut, wisconsin, and florida.
take the sail boat out.
go paint pottery.
he will teach me how to wake board on the lake.
and show me where he lived the last two years.
show me where he road in tennessee
we are going to have a good time.

love you baybes

[Jan 30th 2009/5:06pm]

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