Saturday, October 31, 2009

Largest Fire in a quarter century [in indy]

A three alarm fire is burning in Downtown Indianapolis near the intersection
of Senate and Michigan at a condominium development.

The fire reportedly broke out around 3am Thursday morning. [03/12/09]
The fire has destroyed 3 buildings and has involved as many as four buildings.

Damages are estimated around $28 million
it took 125 firefighters to get it under control.

this was 3 blocks from my apt. i live on meridian right past michigan
and this was michigan and senate. eee...
helicopters woke me up this morning at 4 am
heard fire trucks blaring and the news going on and on...
9:30 i left for class it's still on fire. freaking crazy.

good thing it was not occupied

good thing the builder has insurance.
and plans to rebuild.

[at my internship now. one more thing to do after this then done for the weekend!]

[Mar.12th 2009/2:38pm]

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