Thursday, October 22, 2009


i was asked today:
What is the purpose of Behavior?
i answered:
to maneuver the external world so that wants and needs are met.

that was my first reaction to the word behavior
but now i feel its way more complex than that. because it's
not only need and wants of one's own self but others around them.
and feelings and thoughts are all attached making a behavior a complex move.

at least if a person cares more than just about themselves its more complex.
but also keep in mind you can't think only of others.
you have to have a balance other wise one or the other or both will get lost.

then everyone's quality world will be forced to change
which is unique to each individual.
quality world is the specific perceptions we have related to each need.
The list of needs we take this and find out what we want to feel fulfilled.

.... no one is around to hear me talk

Reality is what you can get away with...some think this is true

[Dec.19th 2008 /12:21pm]

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