Sunday, October 25, 2009

so this is love that's a lovely thought..

I am left here to think in the afternoons.
think of everything coming in and out of my life.
situations are strange. and some people just stumble
for a while. only to pick back up stronger and better
than ever before.

second chances to make things great.
not a chance, because the first time it was good.
i thought the right moment had passed
i always carried a little hope that things would be different
but now i found out its just the right timing.
the right moment i thought lost is here now...
i have never felt more confident in my future
than what i do now.

in my relationship
i care for him so much
and you have to care for it
to keep it together
that is the easiest part.
he cares equally for me.

even when things are going to get tough
and patients will be tested i have no doubt
that we will prevail because of love and care for each other.
and the end of the night that is what matters.

we take the time for each other.
the whole world is buzzing by us
but with him i feel like we are standing still.
appreciating what we have because
of everything it took to get us here.

needless to say with everything going on in life.
there is one part of my life that i am certain about
so thank you for making me feel so loved.

I went and stole some wings, and thought "why can't I?"
I want to get in the sunrise ....

[Jan 13th 2009/4:10pm]

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