Thursday, October 22, 2009

piece of you

it is tiring.
it is tiring to create human relationships and the psychology of a written mind.
it is tiring to discover and understand and so actively be...natural.
to act is not acting. it is honestly immitating experiences and observances of life.
this is difficult.

to do this WELL and believably so that people can connect to it.
this is...difficult.
it is unique. it is more than immitating...
it is balance or finding balance in the falling down.
doing what we see every-day people in every-day life do and how they handle situations.
becoming a past, a present, and a hopeful future of a person that is not myself.
it is tiring.

but someone who watches will see...
a piece of themselves on that stage.
a piece of themselves that they lack and wish to be.
a piece of themselves to aspire to become .
...or do everything they can do to NOT become.

to identify with.
a reason for living.
to make discoveries, whether good or bad, is the reason for life!
acting is new discoveries and old discoveries being brought back to that life.
small ones, soul-altering ones.

it is tiring and difficult.
but there is nothing else left to do but create.

[Oct.10th 2008/12:12pm]

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