Saturday, October 31, 2009


some days i wake up pumped about my day
and others i just want to stay in and do nothing
but lay around.

last night i forgot about my midterm in my
women's issues class that was due this morning
but luckily i have an awesome boyfriend who
helped me stay motivated and got it done.
i presented in class and did really well.

now i am at my internship and i don't want to be here
which sucks because i really like it here i just want it to be 6
so i can go home and sit on my couch and do nothing again.

i am at a point in my life where i am really happy.
i am very lucky to have the relationship with bradley
that i have we are really close and he is my best friend.

i am looking forward for the next stage in our life.
it's a year away but that's ok. close enough.
i'm waiting for it to be nice out so we can do more
things outdoors and travel and not be inside all the time.

but i think i am going to look back on this and realize
that it is way more awesome that we can just be together
and be happy even if it isn't doing more than just dinner
and talking. he knows more about me than most anyone.
even my family. i have known him for years and i still
am learning new things about him. and we are learning
new ways we interact with each other i am truly grateful.

i don't want to rush this year even though i am looking
forward to another year from now. i am just enjoying it!

i google image searched "happiness"
this is the first picture that showed up...
haha random i know...

back to work...

[Mar.3rd 2009/1:21pm]

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