Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sacramento California

Reasons to live in Sacramento, CA
  • one of the five most livable regions in America
  • humidity in winter, very low humidity in summer
  • winters avg temp 55, summers avg temp 93, spring/fall avg temp 75
  • rivers throughout the city [i would love to live near any water]
  • ranks #8 in best cities in America
  • many major venues which bring through big things year round
  • several museums
  • has Second Saturday Art Walk... local art galleries that stay open into the late evenings
    [like our first fridays in Indy but bigger]
  • lots of sports [if you're into that]
  • Amtrack-passanger rail service
  • busses and light rail systems
  • many people who live in the city commute on bicycle [ i like commuting :) ]
  • great outdoor recreation, a lively arts scene, fine dining
  • has an expanding downtown area [ yes more jobs! ]
  • one of ten sunniest cities in the country
  • job gains in government, education and health, and professional and business services.
  • the median price of an existing single-family home was about $235,000
    [down from a few years ago $400,000 good news for first time home buyers!!]
  • in the top 100 places to live in America
  • has a decent bike culture
  • located central cali.

    there is way more i haven't had time to put so etc etc...

    [Mar.13th 2009/10:29 am]
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