Saturday, October 31, 2009

mind racing

i have been learning a lot lately.
bradley has been teaching me...

especially with bikes...
teaching me to skid and track stand..
i'm catching on slowly :)

we have been talking about the future
thinking about what we want in years to come

in my free time i have been looking at lookbook
and today looking at PSFK ....

they provoke my thoughts
and innovate ideas

i wish i had a way of writing them down
or drawing them out explaining them to make sense to others.

i just have ideas even about things that already
exist and could be improved ...

the united states is a scary place right now.
i need to finish school soon!!

indianapolis is going to get 200 miles of bike lanes...
that's sweet!

that is all for now

late night blurry fun

[mar. 20th 2009/9:54am]

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