Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nashville Road Trip (02-07-09)

Our trip to Nashville TN was awesome!
saturday starting at noon and riding until 1am.
unlike indy nashville is hilly
20 +miles ... HUGE hills.
is what we were riding all day.
it was me and a bunch of boys.
we met so many wonderful people

went to my first honky tonk bar.
we were riding from bar to bar
so got to see some interesting people.

the art crawl was that night. which was sweet.
it's like first friday here but better. and
there is free wine and food and live music.

if i could write every story that happened.
i would be here all day.
bradley was right... Bongo Java is so good.
sitting on the roof is a way to wrap the night up.

Great Weekend? or Greatest Weekend?

most the nashville people
are coming up here at the end of the month.
i'm so excited!!

[Feb 10th 2009/7:37 pm]

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