Thursday, October 22, 2009

lets go to the movies.

life can be like the movies.
a handsome guy a beautiful girl.
fairy tale romance...
they have a good story.
its cute its heart wrenching.
there is distance between them.
the good. the bad.
the good. figuring things out.
coming together and in the end
hopefully living happily ever after.

not all movies are like that.
romance can go missing
the guy can mess up.
big time...

why are humans like that
only caring about themselves.
everyone has to look out for themselves
that is true. but when you make a commitment
and say its forever there should have been that
or your future that stopped you.

i am learning from this lesson:
a) you think you know people, you could be wrong.
b) you think you could trust people, you could be wrong.
c) there are good people, you can lean on them
d) family is important, don't loose them
e) i need to be strong
f) i am very lucky for what i have

[Nov. 23rd 2008/ 11:32am]

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