Thursday, October 22, 2009


i am strong
well i am trying to be.

i had a dream where i punched you in the face.
today i got a text from her saying you might leave for good.

i can't handle this, i hope it doesn't happen.
she is a great person. honestly look at what you have made.
you are foolish and selfish.

i wanted to text you telling you i miss you.
because i do. almost ten years gone.
there is a picture of us on my fridge
it's my favorite. i will be so sad if i ever have to take it down.

i don't like talking to people much about me still being pissed.
and still wanting to cry from time to time.
out of frustration because of your actions.

morals are crazy. in good people they seem easy to keep.
some people i guess you'll never know why things change.

moral |ˈmôrəl; ˈmär-|
concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character

it is weird to say but i am totally stoked about leaving for the holidays.
just being away from my family over christmas but its good
i need the break. it's going to be fun.
21st through the 27th new england here i come :)

reminder : this is probably my favorite movie.

[Dec. 8th 2008/11:48pm]

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