Saturday, October 31, 2009

Austin Texas

Reasons to Live in Austin, TX

  • voted number 2 best place to live, in 2006,
  • 'greenest city in America'
  • ranked the 5th safest city
  • number 1 college city
  • you will be called Austinites if you live there
  • it's has it's own slogan " keep Austin weird" [haha]
  • hot summers,mild winters
  • considered a major center for high technology
  • high tech companies thrive there. [affected by the dot-com boom]
  • Whole Foods was based in Austin. [i love whole foods]
  • has a strong growing economy
  • the only city to not have an ordinance against women being topless in public
  • lots of local and independent business that do well.
  • home to many coffee shops [bradley and i love coffee]
  • many music, arts, and sporting events happen year round
  • lots of outdoor activities available
  • mass transportation and new commuter rails set for completion in a few months
  • has bike paths called the veloway [a larger monon]
  • has a critical mass
  • has a large 'bike scene' [probably due to the nice weather year round]

    -there are more so etc...etc...

    [Mar. 5th 2009/4:04pm]
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