Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update (04-17-2010)

I've been enjoying my time with Bradley lately. Can't believe he's almost 26! I've known him for such a long time. I'm excited for his birthday because he has no idea what I am getting him.

In 8 days days I'll be up in the air on my way to Tempe! If you haven't been there before go!.
It's so beautiful and the people are wonderful. Dry heat is the kind of weather I want to live in. I'll bring bradley with me next time he'll love it too ;)

I'm doing more and more at my internship. More tasks, more projects, more interactions with students, more responsibility, they really like me, respect me, and trust me. I feel like I am not just a silly intern but that I actually have some input about things. Our new PM got married today! Congratulations Emily (Connors) Scharbrough! April 25th is our Friendship Walk on the canal. Come help support best buddies!

So, everything is going well and I'm enjoying the 70's and 80 degree weather Indiana spring has brought :) Oh and Bradley and I are looking for a new place. It's going to be awesome! Then Ikea here we come, yesss <3

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