Sunday, January 3, 2010

Road Trip [05/26/09-06/02/09]

Bradley and I drove the Prius to... Parkersburg West Virginia,Groton Connecticut,
Boston Massachusetts, New Port Rhode Island, and Back to Connecticut! 

West Virginia: 

Traffic Jam on the way to West Virginia

Willie and Bora meet

Bradley's Nanny's Garden...bora got shocked by the fence

Nanny and her homecooking..sent us off with Applebutter!!
Leaving West Virginia...into hours and hours of dense fog
Pit Stop in the 10hrs of driving to Connecticut.

stupid $9 toll in NY at 4am!.

after driving through the night and one scary incident 
in gross New Jersey we arrived in Groton


Bora met Louis bradley's dad's 3 yr old black lab
walking the trials behind his dad's house

His dad is the Dock Master at Noank Shipyard so we went to say hi

watching them put some boats in.

After a relaxing day in Groton, We drove about 2 hours 
to Boston to stay at Sarah's who said she had a surprise
for us for Bradley's late birthday... 
We went to Improv Asylum... it was so funny!


Sarah and Brian riding the T to Improv


after the show downtown Boston

we went out for a few more rounds of drinks

A long fun night around the city 
it took up 45 minutes to catch at cab at 2 am
the next day Sarah Bradley and I went to 
Jim's for breakfast then Bradley and I went 
off on our own adventures.


Bikes on a sunny day outside of Sarah's

Sister and Brother

We rode along the Charles River

ran into earth fest on the Charles River... here are some hippies dancing

stopped in Cambridge for some homemade Icecream

in some neat furniture store

i caught a fish and rode it.

after a day of riding many miles we stopped
and ate at B.Good... a really good Burger place.

drove back that night to Connecticut

got back just in time to sit around a bon-fire in his dad's backyard..

Next day we packed up two cars with four bikes.
Diane, Bradley's Dad, Bradley and I drove to Newport Rhode Island


looking over the edge of Newport coast

Diane and Bradley's Dad

found a neat looking tree...i was told to be part of the tree..ha

Bradley tricking around

I pet little Sharks... no big deal!

father and son making a pact to sail from Groton to Newport

walked around the cute little shops

Got back to CT went to Noank Bora was scared on the docks..

A full day in Newport was fun next day we 
went bike riding and the sailing.

Groton Long Point & Long Island Sound:

walking along the beautiful waters on Groton Long point

climbing on rocks

here's our bikes on the beach




my first time sailing

the wind picked up and we started going faster

they let me direct the sailboat for quite some time !

being on the water was a nice ending to our trip.


15 hrs later and no sleep we were back in Indy... 
didn't want our trip to end at all. 

Love you Bradley! 

hiding all these pictures took for freaking ever!!

[June 4th 2009/9:54am]

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