Sunday, January 3, 2010

easter weekend

lets see this was a wonderful weekend.

friday- went to Mac Nivens with kendra and matt, whit and justin, dano and some others.
good drinks, good food, good conversation.

saturday- woke up made puff puff pancakes for bradley bryan and myself
then drove 3 hours with our bikes and our puggle.

-got scared by a GIANT giraffe
-walked on the trails by the river with bradley and the pup
-rode around winona by the lake and to his moms shop
-met up with some friends rode and talked
-went to a mexican restaurant with alexis, evan, and bradley
-rode the tandem bike [i really suck at being the first seat.... like REAL bad!]
-had good conversations with bradleys family and alexis for a long time.
-went to the downtown with bradley ty and evan

sunday- easter breakfast his mom made was good.
-church about... Lepers ... not the resurrection... interesting would be a good way to describe it
-dinner with kitty, his parents, bradley, and evan
- easter egg hunt
-bike rides around grace.
- figured out "there is a cat out back if any one wants it" ....
is NOT the same as "there is a cab out back if any one wants it" haha....
- saw bradleys old cat ellie... she's a mountain lion now
-drove home.

i couldn't have asked for a better easter weekend. it was great.
Thanks :)

it's seriously at least 5 foot!!

love you bradley

[April 14th 2009/1:55pm]

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