Sunday, January 3, 2010

only a few more

4 hours until i am done with my last test for the semester
i have 2 hours and 15mins to study for my political science test
then i have 24 hrs to write my final paper for Issues and Ethics.
[should be a good one!]

in that 24 hrs i will schedule for my last two classes at ivytech
and schedule the rest at iupui
hopefully find out that i can get it all done in a year

gosh i hope so badly i only have one year left.
if a have a year and a half i can live with that but i
would like to move in a year.

this means enjoy the summer
have no life for the next year i will be
a very studious student.
i want to get my bachelors with out any more slacking

this semester i think i will end up with all A's except one B
a high B but i can live with that

my life will become school more than it already was this semester.
becoming an adult takes a lot of time. ha.

my internship is fun. I really enjoy talking with everyone i work with.
in a way it keeps me sane while getting school credit.
if i dreaded going to my internship site that would suck.
but there isn't one thing i dislike about it.
and they are pretty laid back.

our new office we move into may 28th.
guess it use to be a graphic design office so it's set up pretty cool.
rumor has it that i get my own desk and work area.
going to go on school visits next semester and work
more hands on with the students.

Lets talk about how stoked i am at what i am doing in school.
and what i will be doing after school.
if we do move to Austin there is a BB office there so i could
possibly try to get something there. in the end of it all
Best Buddies will be a great reference and good experience.

ok thats all
done rambling
wish me luck!

[May 7th 2009/4:16pm]

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