Sunday, January 3, 2010


What can get me motivated?
Why am I the biggest procrastinator?

this blows... it's not hard.
i have three things to finish for the semester

i cleaned the kitchen
i ate ice cream cake and drank coffee

all i can think about is what comes next.
what i want to do with my free time this summer

how i want to purge everything out of my apartment
how i want to move in a year

that has been on my mind a lot lately
i really believe we will move there together!

i am motivated for so many other things
but school work no...

i am a good student
it bothers me that i have one B and the rest A's
I am so stinking close to all A's but i won't get those few extra points
it's impossible.

crisis intervention
crisis intervention
20 min oral presentation
i'm going to be a bore.

this journal is pointless and a waste of my time
but i love this picture.
freaking bouncy balls.
tons of them!

ok... i'm done with this rant just having a lazy day.
i keep thinking about the future and bradley.

[April 29th 2009/12:13pm]

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