Sunday, January 3, 2010


i thought this weekend would never get here
and now its already leaving.

but i am done with classes turned everything in
even signed up for a few classes for next semester!
i'm accomplished.

friday night karaoke at the livingroom
bohemian rhapsody - duo by dylan and bradley
that's all that matters!

sat. night dinner and wine at the ole spaghetti factory with bradley
to celebrate me being done with the semester.
then a quick nap and a bottle of wine from bryan wyatt.
dano justin whit and bryan came over and chilled for a bit
just talking having a good time.

then we went to macnivens. which is always nice
"i'll need a round of rolls"
then dano and i tried to get break into her car
she locked them in there yet again haha

an hour and a half later 3 coat hangers and a random black guy
a cop pulls up tells us he can't help dano says
"i think something is going down over there you might want to check it out"
[as she points across the street to two guys yelling and one is in his boxers walking
down meridian]
the cop pulls a u turn. and all of the sudden 4 others pull up like magic!

we keep trying and decide to break the small window with two
ulocks ... weird thing is it didn't work. a cop came over and accused
us of all drinking and not making a smart choice haha.

finally 30 minutes later we got it with a cop pop a lock kit.
they can't use it but they let us use it woot.
saved dano $60

boyfriend and i came back up stairs to hang out just some alone time
before the end of the night [at 3:30am] saw a paddy wagon
taking the drunk guys away after getting searched...
look we gave 6 indy cops something to do.

now it's mothers day and we are going up to zionsville
and visiting my family and my new baby niece. yess :)

need something to do:

[May 10th 2009/10:25am]

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