Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Birthday

Last night - Naked Tchopstix.
so much sushi good friends and good conversation.
also a couple plum blossoms... yummm...
[plum wine and sake]

whit also made me an awesome painting
and it was so good to see boof too!

This morning- waffles boyfriend cuddles.
then class which i left early to
go to YATS with bradley for lunch
i missed him so it was great seeing him
before my internship.

Yummm soooo good..

Now- at my internship. Got a few nice cards
and a really yummy cupcake from Flying Cupcake!
from my project managers. they are so sweet!
i love working here!

Later- Taco Pie at my parents house
with bradley anna kenny mom and dad! :)
presents cake family yess.

[April 7th 2009/4:03 pm]

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