Monday, January 18, 2010

a beautiful mess

"all that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost" jrr tolkien

there are so many things in this world i wish to do.
there is one thing holding me back from focusing on me&my list...
that's one thing is school.i know everyone says that but it's really true.

1. I would love to own a kitchen-aid mixer and take an entire year to make the most wonderful things. to go along with this i think i need a bigger kitchen with proper storage, our kitchen now is set up weird.

2. I am really excited to graduate college because the next day i am going to go buy this to learn French. it's a beautiful language& i have wanted to learn for years but don't want to burn out on learning french on top of classes.

3. This is a long term future want. when bradley and i live somewhere warmer year round and have a place to keep it. i am so excited about this one.

4. Learning to sew and hem and make beautiful things.
for when i have time someday.

5. way future... an english bull dog. a fat lazy dog will counter act bora's energy.

6. I want to travel to exotic places with bradley. some where warm.
maybe a cruise. a new city to explore.

there are more but i'll end with this for now.
these things aren't in any order except for the way they came to mind.

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  1. I have a list too.
    I set a definitely goal to conquer Pike's Peak by 2011. So far I'm waiting for it to warm up. It's usually 40 degrees cooler on the summit than it is at the base.