Sunday, January 3, 2010


First day of class
i haven't taken a class like this for 5 years pshh...
but my professor got me thinking.

he said, "there are very few people that
would be happy
if you took all their money away,
money makes people happy"

if I could live with just what I have and who I have in my life
I would be able to have no money.
If for some reason I lost all my money I would be fortunate for what i still have.
Money can be replaced. Hard work and determination.

It would be hard to live with out money all together
A girl's gotta eat.
But he was talking about how people would always be mad and
never be alright with it.

Maybe I am just too positive to think like that.
But somethings you just can't help and have to look at
what you have and not what you lost.

hopefully i do well in microeconomics!

[August 25th 2009/11:21am]

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