Sunday, January 3, 2010

what makes us?

[Think about it...
can you... ]

take a second think about the people around you
the people that know you the most
think about yourself.

what makes you?

what makes you happy? [that's an easy one]
- most the time it's people or objects

what makes you sad?
-most the time it's people or lack of objects

what makes you excited?
-most the times it's people or an action or dreams

what makes you angry?
-most the time it's others actions or words

what makes you think?
-most the time it's not a journal entry

what makes you curious?
-most the time it's the urning for something new

what makes you wonder?
-most the times it's the need to know the truth or further information

what makes you want to help?
-most the time it's to make the world a better place

what makes you motivated?
-most the time it's the drive to do something more
to better yourself and those around you.

what makes you strong?
-most the time its people or support system

[these are just my thoughts on what the answers could generally be
there isn't a right or wrong answer it's unique to the individual]

there is a desire in me to help people understand themselves and others
i know my own answer all of these question
but i wonder if other people understand themselves
and take a look at what they enjoy and what really makes them.
or if they just live their lives day by day with out deeper thinking.
[we are not robots]

i want someone to get to know me over the years
i want bradley to know what makes me
i want to share things with him and for him to be more
than my best friend, boyfriend, etc.

[April 23rd 2009/3:34pm]

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