Thursday, January 28, 2010


Black cup

a_typical day to scamper off into a daily routine.
as the rest of the world passes by worried about their own lives and interacting with very few acquaintances/ friends at work what ever their job might be.

If a person is nice or out of the ordinary and kind in any sort of way the majority of people think " how strange he/she was" we have been taught to snub out strangers but at the same time taught to be kind to others. Treat others how we would like to be treated... so why when some one treats us the way we treat others we are quick to judge and not accept. The world just needs to love and be loved.
If there is a friendly smile as you walk down the side walk from a young man or women don't assume he/she wants to get with you. Just assume their having a good day and you can read that positive attitude on their face.
How do others in your community perceive you?

[all of this aside i know there are creepers out there and
i know people can be mean to others but that doesn't mean
every single person has to carry the same negative attitude about the world]

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