Sunday, January 3, 2010


wanna know what a weird feeling is...
seeing all your friends at anderson graduate... :(

that should be me.
but i'm not too down my time will be coming very soon.

sigh i hate the pull school has over me it affects me greatly
all i want is to do good.

grades are in :
Women's Issues - A+ [100%]
Internship I - A [95%]
Issues and Ethics- A [95%]
Crisis Intervention- A [94%]
Politics - B [89%]

i think tomorrow i will go to iupui and sign up for classes. eeee!
this is determine how so i will get to move!!

i was told today- " i want to try and make $5,000 this month"
... thoughts to myself... that's about half of what i made for the entire year last year.
i'm humbled... i'm a student ....

In other news i bought bradley a new lens for his camera
no big deal it's only a 50mm f/1.8d !! :)
it's awesome.

i'm excited to play around with it.
our trip is going to be very well documented.
it'll take really nice pictures.

14 days!! yesss.

[May12th 2009/12:06am]

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