Friday, November 11, 2011

David Bazan

Last night Bradley, Evan and I went to see David Bazan at the White Rabbit Cabaret.
The first time we saw David Bazan was at a living room show in Ft. Wayne.
That show was fun because it was close and more intimate only about 30 people.
Last nights show was slightly bigger and awesome because it was loud & he rocked out.
But he also answered questions from the audience again, I think it is so neat that he does that. He laughs and jokes around and gets serious with the audience in-between songs.
David Bazan is just one of my favorite artists to go see, his voice is amazing.

It was a good night. So many friends were there too
(Ty and Nate,Dano and Kali, Mike and Rose, Sean and Lisa, Whit, our neighbors, Chris and Brittany and some others)

Also, this was the start of our 3 year anniversary celebration!

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