Thursday, October 27, 2011


Desert Climate:
-350 Days of Sunshine!
-Tucson days are warm and sunny, nights are cool and comfortable.
-July and August are the months where the rainfall is highest, and the rain falls in sudden thunderstorms which turn dry riverbeds into raging torrents in minutes.

-Summer day temperatures around 100, evenings between 66 & 85.
-Winter day temperatures between 65 & 75, evenings between 30 & 45.
-Spring day temperatures between 72 & 88, evenings between 45 & 59
-Fall day temperatures between 84 & 100, evenings around 55.

-Dry heat aka not humid (except for monsoon season mid June-late July)

Arts and Festivals:
- 2nd saturdays (like 1st fridays in Indy)
- Lots of Gem & Mineral festivals
- 4th Avenue Street Fair (on in Dec. and March or April), a craft fair probably like handicraft exchange in Indy
- Broadway Village Farmers Market every friday
- El Tour De Tucson, America's largest perimeter cycling event for cyclists of all ages and abilities.
- GABA Fall Bike Swap Meet, Nov 12th.
-There are many more just wanted to list a few.

Outdoor Activities:
- Trail and Road biking (Tucson is a top biking destination)
- Hiking
- Horse back riding
- Rock climbing
- Bird watching
- Astronomy
- Caving
- much more!

-Wasson Peak part of Tucson Mountains (to the west)
-Santa Catalina Mountains ( to the North & most prominent in Tucson)
-Rincon Mountains (to the East)
- Santa Rita Mountains (to the south)

-Sonora Desert

- Public transit Sun Tran
- Tucson is the 27th most walkable city in the US (out of fifty of the largest cities)
- Tucson International Airport

These are just some facts I compiled about Tucson.
I'm excited for this to be on our list of potential places to move!

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