Friday, October 14, 2011


(^new shoes. Pups and I getting ready for our first run)
Ok, so I started running.
It's tough, but I like it.
I'm using run keeper app. and my boyfriend to keep me accountable.
Who knew you need to stretch before and after running...
I ran 2.63 miles yesterday and my legs this morning are achey.

Some people are born runners I am not one of these people.
I am not coordinated, I have asthma, and pretty much zero muscles.
But guess what... I am still gonna do it!

I couldn't have picked a more perfect time in life to pick this up,
this fall is beautiful the weather has been awesome & I am bringing
our pup Bora with me.
After our run yesterday she was pretty lathargic but
it'll be good in the end for both of us to be more active.

my new iPhone 4s should be arriving sometime today!
I'm very excited about this!

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