Friday, January 28, 2011

as simple as a miracle

let me write another post about this semester.
S371 is giving me a head ache, every time I look at the syllabus and try to comprehend the vague descriptions of assignments it sucks.
S381 is probably my favorite class. It meets every other tuesday, my prof is cool, and my assignments aren't terrible.
S352 it seems like it'll be alright. Policy isn't my forte, I'm micro not macro.
S332 is alright. My prof is new and needs to prove herself this semester, so that'll be fun. At least she answer questions in a timely matter.

This work load is ridiculous. On top of my internship at Warren Central HS, and work, and personal time. All of my professors talk about 'self care' and how important it is to do. But we have ZERO time to do so because they give us too much work, a catch 22.

The further along in the program I learn more about the people who are in the same boat as I am. The girls are wonderful and make my thursdays fun.

Needless to say this semester is going to be as simple as a miracle.

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