Monday, December 13, 2010


So this semester has gone fast. By 7:30 pm tonight I will be done with 3 of my 4 classes.
It's that last class I am going to stress about. History class is my weakness. I won't get an A in this class : / but it's not the end of the world, I am trying my hardest. I have a week of studying and my final is on Monday at 1pm. i can not wait until this is over.

In other news. Bradley and I had a really good weekend. Got a lot accomplished, made some delicious food and hung out with Bryan.

Ready for winter break. & it snowed about 5 inches this weekend.
Bradley is in D.C. for a few days. I dislike him being gone and hearing bumps in the night.


  1. Michael travels a lot for work and I always get so scared being home alone at night! You're not alone, lovie!

  2. i got my puggle to protect me until an intruder sees the size of her haha.