Sunday, August 22, 2010

one more day of summer.

Good Morning.
Tomorrow I start classes!
I have 3 classes on monday. After my first class I am going to get lunch with my best friend Kendra.
Almost every monday we will get lunch.(perks of Kendra working at IUPUI).
I am a little nervous even though I have been on campus before. I want to know the secret parking lots and spots and tunnels that connect the buildings. But I don't, I'm still a newbie.

my classes:
Theory and Skills -generalist social work practice I
American History II -(apparently I took American history 105 and needed 106 psssh)
Organization Behavior and Practice
Small Group Functioning Human Behavior & Social Environment II

I'm excited to dive in. 3 more semesters of classes left. and my 4th semester is just one lecture class.
I will complete 2 practicums in this time , looking forward to it.

In others news:
I love our new house. It's finally coming together.
Kendra is moving into a new house on friday, she'll be a home owner!
It's almost september, I can not wait for fall I am sick of this heat blah.
hmm that's all for now. Watching the new season of Weeds, gotta love this show.

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  1. Good luck, Meg! Campus takes some getting used to, but once you learn the tunnels it will be a breeze. The library is amazing =)