Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Short Update

It's been a while since I have written in here.
Maybe I blogged more when we lived in Indy because there wasn't a ton to do ;)
Living in Boulder is the best decision we have ever made. (Besides to get married)

The mountains alone are reason to move here. We have access to so much. It's really changed the way we live and the activities we get to do. Hiking for a few hours up to the top of a mountain at tree line (11,000ft elv.) was one of the most amazing things Bradley and I have done!

I love it here.
I did get into a bike accident with a car, got surgery, 3 months of recovery and now have to relearn how to use my left arm. BUT I wouldn't change a thing about our experience in Colorado. What if I could change the accident would I? No, what if something worse would happen instead!?

I have the most amazing life, with the most amazing fiancé, with the most amazing puggle.
Going on adventures & loving life.
I hope everyone feels this way every day. If you don't, go find it!

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