Friday, May 4, 2012

Isn't it strange?

Wedding Things.

I have been engaged for 4 months. I have only been thinking of using succulents for my main 'flower' in my wedding bouquet and decoration accents. I've even imagined them on a cake frosted with butter cream frosting (not fondant... gross) and as place holders/guest gifts. Again for 4 months I had this beautiful image of succulents on my wedding day. 
Now I was reading my favorite blog when I came across this post:
It's so similar to what I have been imagining in my head for 4 months.
It's so strange to see what I have been imagining in photos. 
& I still love it and want to use succulents on my wedding day. 

.... I'm so excited to get married to Bradley. 


  1. Love this idea, but mostly I'm loving this for calling fondant gross!

    1. Haha well... it is! I always end up peeling off fondant off the cake and eating it with out. :)