Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moving Time.

In a little over a month I am moving back to my home town.
I have mixed emotions about it. I'm 24 years old and never thought
I would be doing this.
For my future (for our future) I think this will be good.
I will spend needed time with my family before I possibly(hopefully) move out of state.
I will save money, sometimes that's hard to do. But I need to do before I graduate.

My first place I had for three years I LOVED. It was my own and my own time to discover who I was.
Our first place was interesting...it was cute but we were glad to move.
Our first house...I'm in Love again. I'm super sad to move it just fits us.
If I could buy this house and take it where ever I go I would. Yellow house, red door, awesome kitchen, and big backyard.

I love living with Bradley and last night he asked if we could stay in our house. It broke my heart to say I couldn't afford to do that. Being so attached to a place where I live is weird. But the place you live is where you spend most your time and have a lot of memories, plus I HATE moving. Packing, unpacking and re-situating. Maybe, something will go right and some miracle will happen and I will get to stay here for another year...I shouldn't get my hopes up. I just hate seeing this dumb lock on our door for people to come in to view our house as they please.

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