Monday, November 1, 2010


i am a coffee zombie^^
actually i think my thoughts today are vacant [va-cant |ˈvākənt|(of a person or their expression) having or showing no intelligence or interest ].i think of something then i loose it. i stare blankly into space and no one notices. i fall asleep in class and no one cares. i've had only one thing on my mind and music in my ears.

today is a game of hours and minutes. what time i wake up, how long until i am out the door, how many hours i am in my first class, how long i have for lunch, how many minutes i have until my next class, what tasks for the week can i fit in my free time sitting around campus, how many seconds until class is over & now how many hours until i go home. school is wearing on me. 18 days until our road trip, we need the vacation and break from every day life.

i must be doing something right i got positive feed back from a professor who i haven't spoken to a lot before this interaction. she thinks i have potential to facilitate and saw that i have natural skills in leading a group, told me i did a really good job today in class. this is a big deal because i often think leading is a weakness of mine... guess i am 'growing up', and i am feeling more comfortable in my skin with who i am. Because a few class mates of mine told me today i was very good at client sessions, opening statements and empathetic listening. Guess i found my knack and good thing it's skills i need to use in my future career.

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